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Tortured Earth Presents

Two of our March conventions were canceled. The COVID restrictions are causing delays and cancellations in a lot of cities. At the earliest, we are looking at April (realistically, May) before the convention circuits begin to open again. Fortunately, our time has not been idled away. We have been creating and refining since the closures began. The game guide is edited and printed for the graphic design phase. Next on the menu is the editing of the creatures. The creature manuals will be a little different from most other creature manuals. They are shaping up to become more or less expansion material. There are certain spells and abilities that did not fit in the main guide because they referred to creatures. This has been pulled and placed in the appropriate creature manual.   To add interest to the main guide, I've embedded a story in the form of journal entries throughout the document. Does anyone have thoughts or comments on this concept? The game guide is a technical manual and

Creative friends and finishing touches

Image by   veeterzy Tonight, I enjoyed a pleasant phone conversation with an old convention friend. Robert Stikmanz has always held a special place with Tortured Earth. He is the creator of the D'Varsh language, writer of Nod's Way, and a novelist to boot! Since we've met, he's proven to be possibly one of the most creative people I've known. As old friends, we're pretty much open with one another regarding our businesses, promotional strategies, and general operating practices. We are also very open with one another regarding the issues and hurdles we face. Robert mentioned a friend who has basically called him out for wasting his time on his labor of love. From the conversation, I had the feeling his intention was to shame Robert into giving up his project and pursue more profitable ventures. For those of you reading these blogs and never having attempted to create anything, please pay attention. A creator pours their heart and soul into their projects. When y