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Twisted Lords Gaming Convention

A big part of promoting your own game is finding venues and outlets to promote the product. This week, we are in Midwest City, Oklahoma at Twisted Lords Gaming Convention. Compared to other shows on our circuit, it's a smaller show solely focused on tabletop gaming.  These shows are rarely huge money makers for independent developers. Rather, these are networking and promotional events used to showcase new developments. Scattered among these tables are games ranging from quick board game-style gamest historical reaction games to epic roleplay scenarios. One fellow developer, Patrick Keith with Bombshell Miniatures , produces a wide range of science fiction figures. His system is definitely one we will be play testing later during the convention. His miniatures have incredible definition and are adaptable to a wide range of settings. Naturally, our interest in his line is for applications in our own game. However, his system seems robust and diverse. Another interesting sight at the

The page has finally turned!

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock The day I thought would never get here has finally arrived! The new books are finally in print. After editing what seemed like an eternity, and formatting for a lifetime after that, we are now in print. Currently, only two titles are available - with the third soon to be released: Tortured Earth Core Rule Book  Tortured Earth Supplemental: The Unofficial Account of Gavin Harris Tortured Earth Supplemental: The Travel Journal of Mica Greer (Releases on 7/16/2021) With the core books released, we now shift gears to writing modules and stories to expand the Tortured Earth universe. Over the next several months, we will travel through the convention circuit promoting the new books, writing new material and, hopefully, pick up a few new writers. A few items of interest: We will travel with Cactyys Totem and Chronicles of Ember to Arklatex Comic Con and host an independent gaming area.  Our convention schedule is pretty much packed. However, if you're in a