The Power of Redundancy

Last night, I finally closed the Attachment file. Added all the little bits and bobs that made it work, double checked everything and made sure it fit into the established mechanics. I closed it with satisfaction. As I opened the next file, I realized it was a duplicate. Fortunately, the original was in the email buffer and I was able to retrieve it.

Once it was downloaded, I noticed the file name had been changed. I renamed it the previous file and, yes, managed to overwrite the Attachment file I'd just finished. So, as a prize, I got to redo the whole thing all over again. Take away lesson: Make frequent backups. Buy a good solid state hard drive and back up your project folder like the paranoid fool you should have become by now. 

This is specially painful when considering I had a computer crash and take with it all files while we were constructing the first edition. It took nearly a month to restore all files and reconstruct the point at which the data was originally lost. Needless to say, I've made three backups on three separate hard drives and put a copy on my Google Drive.

What makes this such a hard experience is I already know I should be backing my project folder daily. The changes I make need a daily record of progress anyway. Like all normal human beings having a full time job, a family life, and projects galore, I often become complacent in the day to day routine of getting home, opening up my computer, and writing.

When working on my school assignments, I consistently use Google Suite. The ability of Google to store, share, assign rights and access are all appealing features. The problem with Google Docs is the limited image processing capability. When I start writing narrative again, I already know I will use this feature as a main writing tool. Game design requires a wide range of graphic manipulations Google simply doesn't offer at this time. Once the software allows background insertion and image manipulation, I'll more than likely completely convert from Microsoft Office to Google Suite.

Thanks again, guys! 

K. B. Kidder

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