Podcast Intro Clip Completed. Progress in Magic.

Last night was spent refining the Magic section, ensuring the abilities align with the new rules, and correcting grammar. A large part of the editing process is making sure that official terms are capitalized while the usage of the same word as a description is lower case. It. Is. Maddening!

I managed to squeeze in a little time working on the setting for the podcast. I'm not sure if it is the prospect of working on something that is not editing or the opportunity to write creatively again, but I find the work gratifying and refreshing. After editing, I did take some time to record the intro segment for the podcast. A few minutes ago, I let a colleague listen to it. He was impressed.

Despite editing dragging on for what seems ages, I still feel confident the final product will be available in March. The podcast is scheduled to begin recording on February 6th, with releases beginning two weeks later. For those interested in the intro to Tortured Earth Presents, please click on the hyperlink. I may record a few more versions of it, but I'm fairly comfortable with the flow of this one. A special thanks to Justin Wingo for providing the background music featured in the intro.

For such a small company, we are excited to provide such a variety of entertainment. The upcoming book release will be a GM Guide/Player's Handbook and 2 Creature Manuals. The podcast has been on the back burner since the company was formed but never could be brought to the forefront due to other business needs. Kevin is working on a module, and I'll be working on completing the series started with Mountains of Mists and Mystery.


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