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Image by Forrest Kidder
Chicot State Park, Louisiana

I'd like to begin with an apology. 

Normally, I'm very focused on the blog and social media promoting our game and new developments. Christmas was a busy time - in both personal and business arenas. I've been writing, editing, and preparing. On top of it all, I'm now involved with a video game development business. Despite the excuses, I am sorry for pushing the blog to a back burner. This project is far from an afterthought.

With all that laid out, here is the update:

First, Sanctum Games is officially up and running. The company is now an independent entity with its first product available. I've met with the other owners and am impressed with the talent on board. The small company has its own programmer, sound personnel, and writers. Already, plans are being laid out for a new game, and the group is looking for ideas for a third.

The edits are speeding along. The writing on the new game guide is not so much the creation of new processes as it is explaining the rules we have. When not editing the main guide, I've been rolling the creatures into a newer format and making sure their abilities align with the new rule sets. The process is moving at a steady pace.

The sound equipment for our upcoming podcast is in and set up. I have to admit, there was a bit of a learning curve in recording, and there are issues we will have to address once the podcast is actively recording. The trials we've completed to date are encouraging, and the sound quality is excellent. Like anyone working on a new public project, I am self-conscious of my own voice, but I will adjust as I become used to performing.

The biggest hurdle with the podcast has been finding a cast. To date, the cast consists of Forrest Kidder, Kevin Harris, and Trevor Blanchard. There is a fourth position, and finding someone to fill it has been challenging. I would like someone who has gaming experience and has the confidence to roleplay character personalities. Finding someone meeting one or the other criteria is easy. Finding someone meeting both is difficult. 

Our first recording date is scheduled for February 6th, 2021. We know the session will be extended, but we hope to capture enough footage to fill a full hour timeslot. The plan is to complete two full game sessions, edit them, and begin releasing segments near the time we launch our Kickstarter. 

Thanks for reading! 

K. B. Kidder

If you are checking out this blog for the first time, you may access our website by clicking here: Tortured Earth.

Character Species released for review: AllornDwarfElfEoceph, and Goblin.

Combat Creatures released for review: BraunachFaedaFetid HoundMinotaur, and Wolf.

If you are interested in the creature development process, you may submit your own creatures by filling out the following form. We will review the forms before publishing the creatures to the website. Creature Creation Form

If you would like to see what Tortured Earth looks like, the rule book's GM portion is available as a free download on the Tortured Earth Home Page. Tortured Earth Beta GM Guide  

I have created a Tavern Generator and Loot Generator. Both are free downloads and can be adapted to a wide range of story settings. Both are written in Excel. If you are using a tablet, you can download a free version of Excel and operate it live at the game table.

Tortured Earth is now a partner with Sanctum Games, Powered by Cactyys Totem. Video Gamers are asked to take a peek at the system and let us know what you think!

Finally, Fixi's Playground is a new podcast focusing on all things geek. Favorite books, school, politics, gaming, writing, geekery, and a whole host of other topics were discussed. Fixi's Playground Interview


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