A Never Ending Cycle

Part of launching into this industry is the continual creation process. The development of Tortured Earth was a means to an end - the development of a framework in which a broad range of stories could be told. Now that the system is finalized, the process of storytelling must begin.

Kevin and I are currently focusing on the development of one-shot adventures. These kits are retrofitted from the 2.0 Core Ruleset and give players a taste of the system without having to invest in multiple books. Other game systems have developed similar products for the same goal. The Rules Lite versions allow for replayability while the core books provide the full flexibility of the system.

A creative GM will be able to adapt the Rules Lite version for homebrew adventures fitting in the world setting for which the kit was built. Currently in the editing phase are four such adventures. Two have been completed and are already in production and being distributed through the convention circuit. Eventually, the kits will be turned over for commercial production.

In those rare fragments of free time, we are also refining The Fires of Apison (pt. 2 to Mountains of Mists and Mystery) and Adilyn in Wonderland (a gothic horror). We have attracted the interest of a few writers and are waiting for their storyboards.

The most exciting component of our little project is the production of miniatures. We have slowly accumulated 16 green wax miniatures and are ready to see these put into production. Early next week, our caster informs me the molds will be made and our originals will be cast. I can't begin to express how nervous and excited I am about this phase. Since the inception of Tortured Earth, a line of miniatures has been envisioned. Several developments and lucky breaks had to happen for this phase to begin. Fortunately, we found the right people at the right time.

Of course, the biggest hurdle with both the miniatures and the one-shot adventures is distribution. The products can be distributed through Amazon by dropping products off at one of the many distribution centers found in the U.S.A. Shipping overseas continues to pose problems with both the Rules Lite kits and miniatures. The issue will have to be researched to determine if a solution is available.

 Thanks for reading!

-K. B. Kidder

The 2.0 version of Tortured Earth are now available through the following links:


Tortured Earth Core Rule Book 

Tortured Earth Supplemental: The Unofficial Account of Gavin Harris

Tortured Earth Supplemental: The Travel Journal of Mica Greer 

Barnes & Noble:

Tortured Earth Core Rule Book

The Unofficial Account of Gavin Harris

The Travel Journal of Mica Greer


Tortured Earth Core Rule Book

The Unofficial Account of Gavin Harris

The Travel Journal of Mica Greer

Mountains of Mists and Mystery is available as a free download to those wishing to purchase the system and are waiting for the next line of modules.


  1. We started making boxed sets containing a module, maps, dice, character sheets, and all other materials required to run a single game session. Since this picture has been taken, we placed most of the 'other stuff' as a free download on the website and the only thing you need to purchase is the adventure itself.

  2. But you still sold the boxed sets? Do you have any left?


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